Every day, users on the World Wide Web visit millions of sites, and simultaneously subscribe to Push-notifications.

How do they subscribe?

Everything is very simple, in the native version the site owner installs the code, after which a browser window pops up, asking users to give access to notifications sent.

How do push notifications work?

Every day we send native advertising notifications several times a day. They contain the cover, title and description of the notice.

What do we offer?

You can register as an advertiser and start buying Push-notification traffic from us, we are direct sellers pushing traffic on the market, thanks to this we do not take a commission, as other advertising networks do.

  • The text in the ad, pictures, landing pages and other materials must match each other and the final offer.
  • Prohibited pornography in all its forms and manifestations. Imitation of the genital organs, sexual intercourse, etc. also prohibited. Prohibited content for adults without confirmation of adulthood. The words "penis", "penis", "erection", "sex" and the like are unacceptable in creatives.
  • The propaganda of terrorist, extremist, religious organizations (any officially banned organizations), appeals to military actions, the sale of weapons, etc. are prohibited.
  • Banned advertising for prescription drugs.
  • Advertising is prohibited (any kind of distribution) of alcoholic beverages.
  • Prohibited the collection of subscriptions to the base for sending push-notifications.
  • Autoloading APK files for Android and any desktop software is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to mention in creatives / land names of state bodies, federal channels and their logos, political personalities - in the key of misinformation about funding or participation. The use of registered trademarks without appropriate rights is also prohibited.
  • Shock content is strictly forbidden: vile, repulsive, scary images, screamers - both in the offerings and in creatives.

The advertiser can get a ban for the substitution of links and final offers after the launch of creative. Cloaking on content that violates ByMyAds ’s advertising campaign requirements is strictly prohibited. 

The ByMyAds administration reserves the right to reject any advertising campaigns without giving reasons.

This list is not complete. The administration reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change or amend the rules at any time without prior or subsequent notification.

Before registering and using the ByMyAds service, you should be familiar with the terms of the User Agreement. Use of the system is possible only under these conditions.

ByMyAds is a service owned by the Company, which is the sole owner of the site on the basis of private property rights and provides organizational, financial, technical support for the existence and operation of the site (the Company), places advertising funds on Partner sites and attracts clients for the advertiser. If the User navigates to the advertiser's website, the advertising network receives a pre-determined reward.

1. General Provisions

This Agreement is a public offer.

Anyone using the ByMyAds service accepts this Agreement.

  1. The service provides the Advertiser with the opportunity to advertise their products and services in the presence of a positive balance in the system.
  2. Partners (websites and resources where the Company's advertising materials are placed) receive remuneration from the Company, the amount of which is agreed in advance.
  3. ByMyAds (hereinafter the Company) places advertising materials on the websites of Partners and attracts clients for the advertiser. If the User goes to the advertiser's site, the advertising network receives a reward, the amount of which is set in advance.
  4. The Advertiser, Partners and Company will be referred to as the “Parties” hereinafter.
  5. User - a person visiting the advertiser's site.
  6. The use of the advertising network is available to individuals and legal entities.
  7. When registering with the advertising network, the Parties automatically accept the Agreement and undertake to comply with all of its terms and conditions.

2. Subject of the agreement

  1. The company allows the use of functionality provided by the service ByMyAds.
  2. Upon registration, the Parties agree that ByMyAds monitors all actions of advertisers and visitors, collects statistical data, and also carries out calculations, accepts remuneration from advertisers, if the transaction is made. The transaction may be the purchase of goods (display or click). According to the data collected, the Company determines whether the transaction took place or not.
  3. The company has the right to suspend its services at the time of technical and preventive maintenance. The losses incurred by advertisers during this period are not redeemed by the Company.

3. Terms of use

  1. The parties guarantee that the data provided during registration is true.
  2. The parties guarantee that the data for access to the advertising network will not be transferred to third parties.
  3. The advertiser undertakes to strictly comply with all requirements of the advertiser and the current legislation of the Russian Federation regarding the placement of advertising funds on the Internet.
  4. The advertiser undertakes to pay a remuneration to the Company for a predetermined list of targeted actions (showing or clicking) on ​​the advertised resource from the ByMyAds storefront or from the Partner’s site.
  5. Accounting for the number of clicks made by using the counter system ByMyAds. The User agrees with the provision, as well as with all the rules that when the Administration automatically debits funds from the User’s balance, only this data is taken into account. This provision of the rules is mandatory for all Users without exception.
  6. The administration of the ByMyAds service provides registered users with a set of functionalities aimed at solving by the Users of their tasks of attracting an audience to the promoted products.
  7. The administration of the ByMyAds service notifies and warns Visitors and Users that some of the functions of the service are provided for use on a fee basis.
  8. To pay for the functionality of the ByMyAds service, the User fills up the personal account balance by depositing money to the Administration account.
  9. The replenishment of the personal account balance is carried out by the User in the "Balance" tab of the user's personal account by using the user of the payment system functionality in an independent manner. If the User wishes to replenish the balance of his / her personal account in a non-cash format - by depositing funds to the Administration’s account, he must independently create a request for support using his / her personal account. Payment for services is made only on the basis of invoices issued by the Administration.
  10. The minimum amount to replenish the balance in the manner provided for in paragraph 3.9. Is not less than $ 1,000. The administration has the right not to respond to user requests that do not meet the requirements set forth in this paragraph of the Agreement.
  11. The Parties agree that in the case of replenishing the balance of a personal account, the obligation to pay related expenses (commissions of payment systems, bank fees, etc.) in the amounts determined by the rules of the respective payment system is assigned to the User.
  12. Taxes, fees, and other obligatory payments stipulated by law for transactions carried out in non-cash format, are paid by the User.
  13. After receiving the funds to your account, the Administration replenishes the balance of the user's personal account in rubles at the rate of the bank serving the Administration.

4. Obligations of the parties

  1. The parties are fully responsible for the funds received on their account. All operations with financial assets must comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. The parties themselves are obliged to provide information on their incomes to authorized state bodies, as well as pay all taxes and fees in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5. Prohibitions and restrictions

  1. Parties are not allowed to participate in the promotion of violence, discrimination and calls for illegal activities.
  2. The parties undertake not to interfere with the normal operation of the advertising network, not to affect the performance of servers, not to make hacking attempts, not to use various kinds of attacks, spam to disrupt the operation of the advertising network.
  3. Parties are strictly prohibited to imitate or falsify a deal (click on the website or the advertiser’s page).
  4. The advertiser is not allowed to create more than 1 account in the system. In the case of the discovery of several user accounts, it is possible to block without withdrawing funds

6. Protection of information

The Company undertakes to retain all the data of the Parties in accordance with the Privacy Policy .

7. Requirements for sites and partners

  1. Malware sites blocked by Kaspersky or marked by Google, Firefox as unsafe are not accepted as Partners.
  2. The administration reserves the right to reject any site without giving a reason.
  3. The administration reserves the right to reject the payment if: there are suspicions of falsification of transactions, according to the complaint of the advertiser, in other cases.
  4. Prohibited:
  1. any methods of cheating, including with the participation of third parties, encryption of java-scripts for cheating, the use of axle-systems, bots, mail, social and instant messengers (vk, skype, ICQ and others);
  2. the direction of the repeated (or not bought) traffic from other affiliate programs and advertising networks;
  3. modification of the source code of ad units issued to a partner for installation on its website;
  4. change the content of the broadcast ad units;
  1. The Partner and the Company undertake not to use the prohibited methods of attracting traffic to the Advertiser’s website.
  2. The administration does not enter into correspondence about the severity of the violation and / or specific techniques, and does not disclose the algorithms for checking partners.

8. Requirements for advertising materials of the Advertiser:

  1. The resource should not contradict the rules of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In particular, the work does not include:
  1. sites that use swear words, offensive and obscene expressions, comparisons and images in relation to race, gender, nationality, social categories, profession, age, official state and religious symbols;
  2. Websites on which information is unreliable, unfair, misleads the User or may harm the User:
  • contains inaccurate information about a product or service;
  • does not give a clear idea of ​​who is the seller or representative of the goods / services.
  1. Sites that encourage the User to violence, cruelty, committing illegal acts.
  1. The resource should open correctly in the browser, not contain errors of programs and scripts.
  2. The resource should not offer the User to install malware or perform phishing attacks.
  3. If there are rules and restrictions on advertising a product / service, the advertiser is obliged to familiarize them with the ByMyAds administration and provide the necessary information (licenses, certificates and other documentation relating to the proposed product or service). The advertiser is obliged not to use the "substitution" ( forwarding and / or displaying other content that is different from what was at the time of moderation). In the case of substitution, the advertiser's account will be blocked without the possibility of a refund.
  4. Additional restrictions on promotional materials are described in this document.

9. Failure to comply with the terms of the Agreement

  1. In case of violation by the Advertiser of this Agreement, he will be given a warning. If the rules of this Agreement are violated again - the Advertiser’s account will be blocked. After blocking a user account it is forbidden to repeatedly try to resume work with the Company.
  2. The advertiser, who maliciously ignores this Agreement and by deceptive methods receives traffic to sites that contradict Chapter 8 of this agreement, undertakes to pay a fine of 40,000 rubles.
  3. In the event of litigation due to the fault of one of the Parties, all legal costs are borne by the Party.
  4. Advertisers and / or webmasters who violate these Rules will be brought to justice by the Administration, including in terms of limiting the functionality of the accounts of the persons mentioned, up to a complete and permanent blocking of access to the account of the persons mentioned.
  5. In case of occurrence of the conditions stipulated by clause 9.4., With the participation of the Advertiser, the Administration returns the balance sheet to the Advertiser, but at the same time has the right to withhold 50% of the balance amount as penalties.
  6. In case of occurrence of the conditions stipulated by clause 9.4., With the participation of Webmasters, the balance sheet contained on the Webmasters account is not refundable and charged by the Administration as penalties.
  7. Advertiser and Webmaster got acquainted with the rules of clauses 9.4. - 9.6., Understand the essence and depth, as well as the completeness of the stipulated legal liability and the consequences of violation of such Rules, agree with their provisions and accept in full.
  8. The parties agreed that the Administration has the right, without giving reasons, to restrict, block User access (including an unregistered visitor) on the Company's website, partially or fully use its functionality, with partial or complete deletion of information that was posted by such User on the site .

10. Other conditions

  1. The parties guarantee that before registering they have read this Agreement, and all its points are clear to him. Upon registration, the Parties accept and undertake to comply with the Agreement. Registration involves sending Party data through a form on the main page of the ByMyAds resource.
  2. The advertiser guarantees that he will use the ByMyAds resource for the intended purpose.
  3. The announcement may be rejected if the advertisement does not comply with the general advertising policy, views and beliefs of the Administration.

11. Rights and obligations of the parties

  1. The company is not responsible for unforeseen disruptions in the operation of the ByMyAds resource and losses incurred due to this.
  2. The company has the right to edit this Agreement unilaterally.
  3. The advertiser is responsible for the data entered during registration in the system.
  4. When switching to the site, the user undertakes not to violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation and understands that the use of the site materials without the consent of the copyright holder is not allowed.
  5. The user agrees that the Company does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations to him in connection with any kind of loss or difficulties that have arisen due to entering into contact with the resources or using any materials that are advertised on ByMyAds or the resources of the Partner and Advertiser.
  6. No information in the Agreement can be perceived by the User as the establishment of agency or any other kind of relationship between the User and the Company, unless they are expressly provided for in this Agreement.
  7. When performing any action (click on advertising materials, using materials of Advertisers, etc.), the User confirms that he is familiar and accepts the clauses of this Agreement.
  8. The parties agreed that the amount of money to be withdrawn by the company at the user's request (at least 100 rubles) is charged a fee, which depends on which system the money is transferred to.



Bymyads partners are advertisers who have registered with ByMyAds and use the ad network to launch an advertising campaign.


Acceptance of the following rules is mandatory for joining ByMyAds. The administration may prohibit the participant from participating in the program at any time without specifying or explaining the reason. The administration of the advertising network has the full right to suspend the display of advertising or block the user's account if he violated the current rules.


The administration of the advertising network may change the current rules at its discretion. Each partner is solely responsible for periodically reviewing the rules. The content of these rules includes any other instructions published on the official website of the Advertising network.


The administration of the Advertising network does not bear any responsibility for the consequences associated with the hacking of the user's account and any changes in the user's payment data. You must restrict the access of third parties to your account and use any means to help the Administration of the advertising network to maintain the exclusivity of your access to your account.

Any violation of the rules specified in the relevant section entails the blocking of the account with the entire amount.

If you receive a warning about a violation and ignore this warning, your account will be blocked. When you try to cheat moderation account is blocked.

This applies to all rules of the ad network.

Basic rules of participation in the advertising network

Prohibited materials


Materials prohibited or illegal under the rules of the ByMyAds advertising network must not be contained in advertising. Prohibited materials include the following items:

Images and text materials used in the advertising campaign must fully comply with the advertised material and reality.

Images and text materials used in advertising must not contain political, religious, sexual or any other similar materials.

It is strictly forbidden to use images or text materials where shock content is used.

Prohibited materials


It is forbidden to use images and text materials that contain excessive pornography in an explicit or implicit form.

It is strictly forbidden to use adult content (18+) in any form.

You can not use pictures, texts and landing pages from the adult category.

A three-time violation of this rule entails cancellation and blocking of the account.


Materials containing elements and / or propaganda of violence, harassment of an individual or group of individuals, as well as materials calling for harassment or intimidation.


Materials promoting hostility, hatred and discriminatory or negligent treatment of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of racial, national, religious, gender and marital status.


Materials containing a description and / or promotion of drug use are not allowed.


Materials related to the advertising or sale of ammunition and / or weapons, i.e. combat knives, firearms and their components, explosive devices and / or explosive materials and their components.


It is forbidden to use official logos


Advertising content must be in the language of the region.


Forbidden clone campaigns.

Campaigns are not considered a clone if they differ in image and title, title and text, image and text.


It is forbidden to transfer an account in the ByMyAds system. Any transfer account: sale, transfer, gift, is prohibited.

Accounts that violate this rule will be immediately blocked. The balance will not be returned to the violator.


It is forbidden to advertise offers on the type of profiles that are fake and untrue:


It is not allowed to advertise the following offers:

All threatening or disturbing texts, ads and landing pages with malicious software designed to damage, disable devices or simply mislead people are prohibited.

The use of words such as "virus", "malware", "technical support", "damage", "threat", "Google", "adware", "phishing offers" or any similar, is unacceptable, but you can use real anti-virus offers to protect the system, notes and texts offering to check or establish the accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition of the device (system, browser).


It is forbidden to use contact information and e-mail with obscene words or insult. In any form. These accounts will be blocked. The balance will not be returned to the violator.


Abusive or abusive language regarding technical support may result in your account being banned


It is absolutely forbidden to advertise websites with single or double opt-in forms aimed to collect push subscriptions. Those accounts that violate this rule, will be blocked instantly.

In case of violation of any of these rules, your account will be blocked with funds

Payment information


To join the advertising network, the user must make a 100% prepayment for the services provided. The minimum payment amount provided by the rules is $ 100.


Each advertiser can use the following payment systems: WebMoney, ePayments and others. The balance is replenished on request.

Final provision


According to the terms of cooperation, you agree that the Administration of the advertising network does not provide guarantees regarding the display of any advertising materials, the time of their placement and the amount of payment in accordance with the Rules.


The administration does not guarantee the operation of the network during violations and failures of the Internet, as well as during scheduled maintenance.


The administration of the advertising network is not responsible for the URLS published by the advertising network. In addition, the Administration is not a guarantee of the quality of the sites or products mentioned in the advertised materials. The advertising network is not responsible for the placement of such advertising on the user's websites.

What do we offer?

We offer advertising via "push notifications". Possible advertising on both desktop and mobile devices..  

How to start a campaign?

The campaign starts immediately after moderation with a positive balance and starts working based on your settings.


{bma:cpc} - Cost per click;
{bma:campaign_id} - Campaign id;
{bma:source} - Traffic source;
{bma:user-agent} - Useragent user clicked on push
{bma:user-ip} - User IP-address
{bma:user-geo} - Country of the user who clicked on the push
{bma:user-language} - User browser language

What is your model of work?

We use CPC model - pay per click.

How to choose the right click-through price for your campaign?

The minimum cost per click can be found when setting up a campaign.
The larger the budget the company has, the more traffic you will get.

Note. Each campaign has a traffic limit. To get more traffic, it is recommended to create similar campaigns and set high prices per click.

What ads do you accept?

Any ads that do not violate the rules of the service and meet the requirements.

How many campaigns can I create?

There is no limit to the number of campaigns.

Can I create the same campaigns?

Duplicate the same campaign is allowed.

What countries are available in the system?

The system allows you to work with any country. 

What size image can I upload when I create my campaigns?

The approximate image size should be 492X328 and the icon should be 192x192.
Images must not violate the terms of service.

How does the budget of the campaign?

This field specifies the amount of campaign expenses. When it is used up, the campaign will stop. All notifications sent before the stop will be available to users.

Why do I still get clicks after my campaign has been stopped?

To understand how push notifications are distributed:

Let's say the system sends 10,000 notifications, waits for a while, then sends 10,000 more, and so on. When your account balance approaches 0, the system stops sending new notifications, but do not forget about the previous sent notifications. Some users may just be away from their devices (left their smartphone somewhere; notification sent to PC at home, etc.) and not see notifications. In this case, the user will click on the notification much later than those who saw it immediately. That's why you get clicks after your campaign has been stopped. If we try to reduce the number of such "late" clicks, you will get much less traffic. Also, don't forget that the higher the bid, the more clicks you get after stopping the campaign.

To better plan your campaign budget, set the maximum budget for your campaign 10-20% lower than you actually planned to spend on it.

When do you send push notifications to users?

Push notifications are sent according to the time zone of the subscriber's country (according to the capital of the country). Departure time from 07:00 to 24:00.

How can I top up my account balance?

Payment accepted: WMZ Epayments QIWI
When funding your account, you must strictly follow the instructions given in the relevant section.

What is the minimum Deposit amount?

The minimum Deposit amount is $ 250.

How quickly are funds credited to my account?

Funds are credited to the account within 5 minutes.

Can I withdraw funds?

Yes, of course, you can withdraw at any time.

How long does moderation take?

Moderation is carried out during working hours, within 30 minutes from the moment of sending the campaign for moderation.

Working hours: around the clock from Monday to Friday

Sat and Sun from 08:00 to 17:00 (+ 3GMT)

How does technical support work?

Technical support can be contacted during business hours.

Technical support hours:

Mon-Fri 08:00 - 17:00 (+ 3GMT)

Total support working time:

Mon-Fri 24 hours
Sat and Sun from 08:00 to 00:00 (+ 3GMT)

Financial department

Opening hours mon-Fri 08:00 to 17:00
Sat 08:00 - 13:00

Technical support hours:

Mon-Fri 08:00 - 17:00 (+ 3GMT)

Total support working time (moderation, campaign creation, technical issues):

Mon-Fri 24 hours Sat and Sun from 08:00 to 00:00 (+ 3GMT)

Financial department

Opening hours mon-Fri 08:00 to 17:00 Sat 08:00 - 13:00 (+ 3GMT)
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